The Fantastical Flute

Dive Show
Kids & families
Disability Access
The Aqua Stadium
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The Story of a Mysterious Flute…With a Splash!

Sit back and relax as you watch a magical musical live show…with a splash. Our Fantastical Flute live show is held in The Aqua Stadium. Join us for a live performance with a story featuring Prince Emilio as he searches for the music alamastertonalarc of the magical kingdom.

Prince Emilio dreams of finding the musicalamastertonalarc to unite the lands, so he hosts an exuberant festival to find them. The true one must be able to play a mystical and mysterious flute. Watch the engaging story unfold with sword fights, dives, splashes, and funny elements. Kids will stay entertained throughout the entire 20-minute live performance, as the narrator keeps the audience involved throughout. Prince Emilio searches and searches for the musicalamastertonalarc, could it be him? Will he ever find them? Join us for the live show to find out!

Our Fantastical Flute show offers the perfect rest break from all the rides and attractions of the park. Seating is stadium-style around the sparkling blue pool. Relax under the shade as splashes and a magical story unfold right before your eyes!

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The More You Go, the Closer You Get

The More You Go, the Closer You Get