Dutch Wonderland 2022 Season Opening

Can't Miss It! Get Excited for a Fun 2022 Season at Dutch Wonderland

Your search for things to do in Lancaster, PA this weekend has come to an end! Dutch Wonderland summer season is officially here! Get your tickets now and come join us for fun and adventure!

Be sure to check out our operating hours and calendar to plan your visit to Dutch Wonderland.

If you want to get the most out of your experience, be sure to pick up a Dutch Wonderland season pass to gain unlimited access to all of the exciting rides, attractions, events, and shows that will be going on throughout 2022.

Dutch Wonderland Attraction Highlights

Dutch Wonderland is not only one of the best amusement parks in PA, but has even been named the World’s Best Family Park by Amusement today! We feature a variety of family-friendly rides and attractions including:

Merlin’s Mayhem

Merlin’s Mayhem is a twisting, turning, thrilling suspended family roller coaster that takes guests on an unforgettable ride through the sky with Dutch Wonderland’s friendly magician, Merlin.

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Riders on rollercoaster
Young girl pointing at statue of dinosaur

Exploration Island

Exploration Island is a self-guided family-friendly journey that takes families back in time to a prehistoric paradise packed with ancient fossils for kids to dig up, 22 life-like dinosaurs, and different ways to explore the island.

The distant past never felt closer than on Exploration Island.

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Events Going on at Dutch Wonderland

Dutch Wonderland has some exciting family-friendly events planned all throughout 2022!

For instance, you can bring your canine companion down to play in the park for Duke’s Doggy Day on May 15th. You can also bring the family down for our Carnival Weekend on May 21st and 22nd to marvel at jugglers, balloon artists, and other wonderful carnival performers.

These are just a taste of what Dutch Wonderland has to offer in 2022.

Get the best deal in 2022

If you want the family to be a part of it all, then get the best deal possible by picking up a Dutch Wonderland season pass to gain unlimited access to the park and events, a variety of discounts, free parking and gifts, and a variety of other perks that will make Dutch Wonderland in 2022 an experience the family will remember for a lifetime!

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