A Wonderful World Awaits!

Journey to a prehistoric paradise full of adventure, fun, and DINOSAURS! Cross the kingdom's bridge to Exploration Island and discover over 22 life-like dinosaurs on the Prehistoric Path. Dig up ancient fossils in our kid friendly Dino Dig sand pits. Looking for another kind of adventure? Let the kids drive around the island on Turnpike or take a relaxing boat ride through the prehistoric era on Gondola Cruise! Start your next adventure on Exploration Island!

Man and boy pointing in excitement at flying dinosaur

Prehistoric Path

Take a self guided family-friendly adventure through the Prehistoric Path and visit over 22 life-like dinosaurs right here at the kingdom! Learn fun facts, travel through time, and here them ROAR! It's a Dino-sized experience you don't want to miss!

Minimum Height: <30"
Thrill Level: 1

Dino Dig

Grap your brush and put on your excavation hat, it's time to dig! Discover lost fossils and artifacts that our past dinosaur friends left behind at Dino Dig! Dust, brush, and dig up fun artifacts in our family friendly sand pits. Go ahead, let the archaeologist with take flight!

Minimum Height: <30"
Thrill Level: 1

Man and girl digging in Dino Dig attraction
Man and girl riding Turnpike cars

Turnpike & Gondola

Explore the island in a new way with Turnpike cars and Gondola Cruise! Buckle up and drive your own antique-style car around the island for an afternoon drive like no other. Or sit back and relax as you explore the kingdom's "marshes" with a boat ride on Gondola Cruise! No matter the vehicle, one thing is certain, these dinos will stay in their habitats!

Turnpike & Gondola Cruise
Minimum Height: <30"
Thrill Level: 2

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