Park Accessibility


Our goal is to accommodate our guests with disabilities to the fullest extent possible and in compliance with law. Most of our attractions, shows, and restaurants are accessible to guests with disabilities, including, among others, those using wheelchairs.

Guests are welcome to enter with their own wheelchairs. A limited number of wheelchairs and Electric Convenience Vehicles are available for a rental fee on a first-come-first-serve basis. Rentals are available at Junction Rentals near the Wonderland Special Train Station at the front of the Park.

If you (or someone you are responsible for) have a particular disability or special need, we encourage you to contact the Park and speak with a guest service associate at least 48 hours in advance of your visit to better assist us in preparing for your visit.  If you have a group of guests with accessibility needs, a week’s advance notice would greatly help us to better serve you.

Guest Services: 1-866-FUNatDW (386-2839) or Click Here.

Accessibility Guide

While the Park complies with federal and state disability and accommodation laws, there may be some rides or attractions, activities, or areas of the Park, which may not be safely accessible to all persons. At the Park, safety is the only consideration that takes precedence over fun! Thrill rides, by their nature, create forces and speeds that may not be acceptable or tolerable to some guests and may cause injury to some riders with known or unknown pre-existing conditions. For your protection, many of the rides and other attractions at the Park incorporate safety systems that are designed to accommodate people with certain characteristics such as average physical stature and body proportion. These safety systems may place restrictions on the ability of certain individuals to safely experience an attraction.

In general you should only ride a thrill ride, or participate in certain attractions, if you are in good health. Do not ride if you know or suspect that you may be pregnant, have high blood pressure, heart, neck or body problems, motion sickness, recent surgery, or any other medical condition that may be affected by the features of the ride. You should not ride if you have any impairment or condition that would prevent the intended use of seating and safety restraints as provided, or an inability to follow any safety requirement.

Please note that the Park does NOT provide medication, insulin, or other medical treatments or devices, other than basic first aid; please plan your visit accordingly.


    Upon arriving at Dutch Wonderland, guests with disabilities should visit Guest Services to enroll in our Ride Accessibility Program. We strongly recommend that all guests enrolling in the program are officially measured in our Guest Services office prior to entering the park to ensure shorter wait times at our rides. Guest Services staff will also be happy to provide additional information about any other services and special accommodations that Dutch Wonderland provides.

    If you require assistance transferring on and off rides, please provide your own personal care attendant and notify the ride attendant before getting in line. For safety and liability reasons, Dutch Wonderland ride attendants are not permitted to provide personal assistance to guests with disabilities.

    Ride Intensity Guide

    Quick Reference Accessibility Guide


    There is a $20 plus tax daily parking fee for all vehicle types. Accessible parking (with approved placard) is located in the Preferred lot and is available on a first-come-first-served basis.


    Food allergy concerns? We care about your enjoyment and health. The Park has a wide assortment of foods and beverages available, including bottled water.  Contact the Park if you desire more specific information not available on these web pages.

    Our food outlets prepare and serve products sourced from third parties, which contain peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, eggs, milk, soy and gluten. Regular kitchen operations involve shared cooking and preparation areas, and food variations may occur to differences in suppliers, ingredient, substations, recipe revisions, and /or preparation at the parks. As such, we regret to inform you that THE PARK CANNOT, AND DOES NOT, MAKE ANY REPRESENTATIONS OR GUARANTIES WHATSOEVER REGARDING THE ALLERGY-FREE CONTENTS OF ANY FOODS OR BEVERAGES, OR THE SAFETY THEREOF (ESPECIALLY WITH REGARD TO ANY ALLERGIES).

    In any event, guests may bring personal foods into the park, to the extent that they are medically necessary (e.g., for diabetics, baby formula for infants, gluten-free foods, or allergy-safe foods for allergies). Alcohol is not permitted on the Park premises inside or outside the park.


    The following rides and attractions are suitable for pregnant women:

    Dino Dig, Dragon’s Lair, Gondola Cruise, Merry-Go-Round, Monorail, Prehistoric Path, Sky Ride, the Turnpike, and Wonderland Special (Train)

    The Park welcomes all breastfeeding mothers and their children and (in accordance with applicable law) does not discriminate against breastfeeding mothers.  Park staff may approach a breastfeeding mother to offer a more shaded or private area to breastfeed, such as our Nursing Mothers Station located at the front of the park, but we only do so in a sincere attempt to provide a breastfeeding mother with more comfort or privacy if she so desires it; we will never demand that a breastfeeding mother must relocate, nor do we discourage a mother from breastfeeding wherever she has a right to be.

    Changing tables are available in all women’s restrooms, with the exception of the women’s restroom in the outside Monorail station.


    Click on the link below to view a list of ADA accessible food and beverage locations, retail locations, games, restrooms, and ride sites throughout the park:
    ADA Accessibility.


    The following rides and attractions are suitable for guests with casts:

    Bon Voyage Balloon Chase, Choo Choo Charlie (No full arm casts), Dino Dig, Dragon’s Lair, Duke’s Dozers, Frog Hopper, Gondola Cruise, Merlin’s Mayhem (No leg or full arm casts), Merry-Go-Round, Monorail, Off Road Rally, Panda Party, Pit Stop (No full leg casts), Prehistoric Path, Sky Ride, Turnpike, Wonderland Special (Trains), Wonder House, Wonder Whip


    The following rides and attractions are suitable for service animals:

    Dragon’s Lair, Gondola Cruise, Merry-Go-Round, Monorail, Prehistoric Path, Wonderland Special (Trains), Wonder House


    The following rides and attractions are suitable for hand held infants:

    Dino Dig, Dragon’s Lair, Duke’s Lagoon, Gondola Cruise, Merry-Go-Round (Chariots only), Monorail, Prehistoric Path, Wonderland Special (Train)

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