Fundraising at Dutch Wonderland

Ticket FUNdraising Programs

Dutch Wonderland is a very special place and we can help you send your clients, customers and employees to the Park at a discounted rate while raising money for your non-profit organization! You can earn up to $6.00 for every Dutch Wonderland ticket sold through your fundraiser! Please contact our Group Sales Manager at 1-866-FUNatDW (1-866-386-2839) for more information on this program.

Here’s How it works:

  • Contact our Group Sales Manager to go over your fundraising goals for your upcoming campaign.
  • Must be able to provide documentation of 501C3 status.
  • Together, we determine which one of our ticket selling programs is the right fit for your organization:

Online Fundraising Program

We create an online web store with a URL that is unique to your organization. The web store can be accessed online at any time during your pre-determined campaign period. Members of your organization have the ability to purchase an unlimited number of discounted Dutch Wonderland tickets. You’ll earn $2 for every ticket sold through your web store!

  • You distribute the URL to your members and direct them to follow the link to access your store. We even provide personalized posters to help increase awareness for your campaign!
  • Once purchased, tickets are printed from the customer’s home printer and brought straight to the entrance gates of Dutch Wonderland on the day of their visit. Your members don’t have to wait in ticket booth lines – they’ll already have their ticket.
  • At the end of your campaign period we send you a check for the money earned. It’s that simple!
  • Online fundraising for the summer season must conclude by September 16, 2018.

Online Ticket Fundraising Application

Hard-Ticket Fundraising Program

We give you the materials you need to inform your clients, friends and family that you are selling Dutch Wonderland tickets to raise funds for your organization. You collect orders and payment during your fundraising period and submit one order and payment to Dutch Wonderland.

  • The minimum ticket order for this program is 200 tickets. You will earn between $2 and $5 for each ticket sold through your fundraiser; the more tickets you sell, the more profit you keep!
  • Your clients/friends/family will be getting our best price on single day admission tickets!
  • All hard-ticket fundraising campaigns must conclude by June 24, 2018.

Contact our Group Sales Manager today to set up your FUNdraising campaign! Tickets sold through either program are valid any operating day of the 2018 summer season, expiring October 7, 2018.

Hard Ticket Fundraising Application

Work-to-Earn Fundraising Program for Groups (select weeks in summer only)

For groups who don’t want to get involved in selling, we offer Work-to-Earn fundraising programs designed to help you raise money for your non-profit while working at Dutch Wonderland. Your paycheck will go directly to your non-profit, so you don’t have to be concerned with handling money or making sure that your check reaches your intended non-profit organization. Please contact our Human Resources Office at 717-606-5321 or by e-mail at for more information on this program.

Here's What You Need to Know:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older to participate.
  • All fundraiser groups must be non-profit organizations, which include but are not limited to the following groups: service groups, church groups, community organizations, school clubs and sports, social clubs, etc.
  • There is no minimum or maximum number of participants; however, large groups may be divided and scheduled at different times and at different locations.
  • All fundraising groups must have a TIN (Tax Identification Number) in order to work.
  • This program is offered during our summer season only. Primarily during the first two weeks in June and last two weeks in August.

Contact our Human Resources Office at 717-606-5321 or by e-mail at to learn more about this program and to schedule your group for this fun and rewarding program!