Go on a Journey with Merlin & Mayhem!

Dutch Wonderland is excited about its first suspended family roller coaster. Merlin’s Mayhem features new thrills, twists, and turns, as guests experience an enchanted journey with Dutch Wonderland’s friendly magician, Merlin.

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Have you heard the story of Merlin & Mayhem?

Merlin the Magician ventured through the caves of Dutch Wonderland. While on his voyage, the light from his wand illuminated what seemed to be a large purple circle. As he drifted closer, he noticed that this large purple circle was, in fact, a very large egg - larger than any egg he had ever seen! Merlin brought the egg home and kept it safe and warm, until one day the egg began to hatch! Out popped a little dragon!

Merlin immediately became best friends with this dragon, but he couldn’t think of a name that fit him. Over the next few weeks, the dragon was found playing with Merlin’s wand, misusing his fire-breathing skills, and causing all sorts of mischief. Because of all of these mishaps, Merlin knew just what to name him… Mayhem. Mayhem was growing up to be a very friendly dragon, yet always seemed to get into trouble. Merlin taught his dragon many different tricks, how to control his fire breathing skills, and even how to fly.

One day, Merlin was demonstrating a magic trick when Mayhem took off into the sky! Merlin tried to catch him, but he disappeared into the distance. Merlin needs everyone’s help to find his best friend, Mayhem! Join Merlin on a magical journey through Dutch Wonderland on this high-flying coaster, Merlin’s Mayhem, to find our mischievous friend.

Fly With Mayhem!

Soar with our dragon friend on our first suspended roller coaster! Family fun just got Magical on Merlin's Mayhem!

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Merlin's Mayhem Family Roller Coaster

Our magical friends soar high with family fun with Merlin's Mayhem! This family friendly coaster offers thrills, twists, and "mayhem" for royal guests of all ages! Soar, fly, and lend an eye to Merlin as he searches for his mischievous BFF.

Minimum Height: 39"
Thrill Level: 3

Mayhem the Dragon portrait

Mayhem the Dragon

Mayhem is a mischievous dragon and a friend to all. There is nothing he loves more than making his royal guests laugh. For obvious reasons, Duke is excited to have another dragon pal to hang out with in kingdom!

Merlin the Magician portrait

Merlin the Magician

Merlin is the kingdom's official magician. He believes that magic can be found in anything, one just needs to look for it! Nothing makes Merlin happier than having a BFF in Mayhem. Bringing laughter and joy to the kingdom together is one way they are spreading the magic of friendship!