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Find the perfect souvenirs to remember visiting the kingdom forever!

The Castle Gift Shop includes a variety of souvenirs, toys, games, medicine essentials, apparel, and other items to make your time at Dutch Wonderland memorable. Don't forget to check out special items featuring our royal characters! Located at the park's castle entrance.

Dutch Wonderland is all about creating lasting memories alongside your loved ones. The magical theme of our park sets the tone for a positive day filled with smiles, joy, and wonder – a feeling that will stay etched in your kids’ memories forever!

What better way to keep all the memories you create during your park visit intact than with the perfect souvenir? Stop by our Castle Gift Shop to browse a colorful selection of Dutch Wonderland souvenirs and gifts. Let your children choose a souvenir that will remind them of the positive family memories they created during their park visit!

Castle Gift Shop boasts a wonderful selection of toys, games, apparel, plush animals, art supplies, and more! Shop for your favorite royal characters, including plush versions of Duke the Dragon, Merlin the Magician, and Princess Brooke. Purchase a Dutch Wonderland t-shirt or hoodie to remember your trip by, or pick up a magnet or souvenir keychain!

You can also find practical items at Castle Gift Shop such as over-the-counter medicine, bottled water, and other essentials you might need during your park visit.  

Children will be sure to find an item they love at Castle Gift Shop, which they can bring home and remember their park visit by. The gift shop is conveniently located near the park entrance, making it easy to pop by when you enter or leave the park!

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