Around the Whirl

While traveling the world visiting her princess friends this winter, Princess Brooke made her way to the Kingdom of Dania in France – si magnifique! There she met the enchanting and intelligent Empress Emille who shares Princess Brooke’s love of books and adventure. The two became good friends and the Empress was so delighted by Princess Brooke’s stories of her kingdom, Dutch Wonderland that the Empress insisted on bestowing a gift to the Princess that she could share with all of her friends at A Kingdom for Kids!

Bon Voyage
Balloon Chase

Debuting in spring of 2015, “Bon Voyage Balloon Chase”
will take guests on a magical ride in one of eight flying hot air balloons where every seat has a view. The ride soars to lofty heights of 20 feet while rotating clockwise. Your balloon will ascend and descend as it spins; while the wheel at the center of your gondola basket lets you control the direction and speed of your spin. Bon Voyage!

This ride is for all heights. Only one rider of 54" is allowed per bucket. Under 36" must be accompanied by a responsible rider of at least 14 years of age.
No hand-held infants.

Minimum Height <30"
Thrill Level  2