Exploration Island

Where Dinosaurs Come to Life!

Where Dinosaurs Come to Life!

A rediscovered island full of adventure and thrills!

While excavating the back island inside Dutch Wonderland for the relocation of the Turnpike ride, our foreman made an astonishing discovery, “there are dinos out here!” Over 20 dinosaurs (and their families) have made Exploration Island at Dutch Wonderland their new home! As we continued to dig, we unearthed fossil remains of a Triceratops and Stegosaurus – what a find! Now, we just need some young and curious explorers to help us dig up and dust off these amazing fossils so that we can understand their story and educate ourselves about their time here on Earth.

Exploration Island will offer guests of all ages an encounter with lifelike dinosaurs in their natural, lush habitat. Visit the dinos and learn about their habits, history and family life through story boards and fact panels. Dig up the past at Dino Dig where history is uncovered every day then take a ride on the newly relocated and lengthened Turnpike ride. Finish your visit to Exploration Island with a trip around the Island canal aboard the Gondola Cruise. There’s a lot to discover in 2015 at Dutch Wonderland!


Dino Dig –Young explorers will “dig” this open air site where dinosaur fossils are unearthed. Grab a brush and dust off the past to discover fossilized T-Rex footprints, as well as Triceratops and Stegosaurus skeletons buried in the sand – waiting to be found!

Prehistoric Path – Experience dinosaurs close- up as you explore the lush island pathways at your own pace. Along the way, you’ll meet a dozen animatronic dinosaurs and their families who come to life as you look on. Each dino has a story, so be sure to check out the facts and trivia posted throughout the walkway.

Gondola Cruise – This classic ride invites guests to embark on a picturesque canal cruise around the inner rim of Exploration Island. Snap photos of dinos as they peek out at you as you float by.

For guests 36” and up (guests under 42” tall must be accompanied by a responsible rider)

The Turnpike – Relocated and more than doubled in length, our iconic Turnpike has been relocated to Exploration Island and dino-sized to bring guests more turns, straightaways, and snap-worthy picture ops during the journey! Putter along the outer rim of Exploration Island at a furious pace of 5 mph while you keep an eye out for dinosaurs (and speed traps!).

For guests 36” and up (guests under 54” must be accompanied by a responsible rider. No hand held infants)