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Fun takes center stage at Dutch Wonderland!

Dutch Wonderland shows are one of the many fun things to do in Lancaster with kids! Included with admission, enjoy live entertainment and shows during your visit to Dutch Wonderland such as reading a story with Princess Brooke or even meeting some of Dutch Wonderland's Royal Friends.

The Fantastical Flute next to a pool

The Fantastical Flute

Location: The Aqua Stadium

Discover a new tale of magic, mischief, and music with Dutch Wonderland’s brand NEW original dive show! Join Prince Emilio as he hosts an exuberant festival in the hopes of discovering the true one, an unknown soul who is the only one able to play a mysterious flute and join the lands in harmony. Gather your royal court and prepare for sword fights, jokes, and of course splashes with the premiere of THE FANTASTICAL FLUTE!

Woman with grown looking in a mirror

The Adventures of the Frog Prince

Location: The Aqua Stadium

Relive a classic tale of adventure, romance, and frogs! The beloved tale of the Frog Prince gets retold like no other with the cast of our royal divers! Ribbit along with our skilled divers as they retell, dive, and splash their way through a beloved fairy tale in THE ADVENTURES OF THE FROG PRINCE!

Royal dressed characters standing on the dive castle

A Dragon's Tale

Location: The Aqua Stadium

Travel to a land of old, where dragons and kings stood side by side! Where adventure and wonder made a splash! Dutch Wonderland proudly presents its second dive show! Join a royal cast of heroes as they adventure alongside a dragon! Witness stunning feats of skill as our trained divers amaze again and again! Embrace your inner adventure and don't miss A DRAGON'S TALE!

Male diver diving backwards over the pool

Open Dive

Location: The Aqua Stadium

Our skilled diving team takes center pool with Open Dive! Ooooh and aaaah as the divers perform their favorite tricks! With no two shows being the same, the only thing you can count on is the splashes and one great time! Splash along with OPEN DIVE!

Bubba Bear animatronic with his animatronic band members

Bubba Bear & the Badland Band

Location: Amphitheater

Join our country pal Bubba Bear and all his friends for a classic musical country experience! Hosted by our favorite country animals, music, laughter, and fun will be strumming their own beat! Sing along to country tunes and embrace your inner western with BUBBA BEAR!

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